Comcast Xfinity Outgoing Email Problem

(Tips to fix Comcast email outgoing error)

When email became an essential part of our daily life and communication, we need a reliable email service provider and internet connection. This is a really a basic need and we are always struggling with a poor internet connection. Comcast understood this concern properly. They are one of the leading internet service providers in the United States. You can see their services, almost everywhere.

What makes them such a popular name in the email service world; the quality of service and fastest internet. You can also get Comcast email service and enjoy the amazing experience. The benefit of using Comcast email is that you will 6 additional email accounts with your single subscription. You can use them for your business purpose or within your family too.
If you are a user of Comcast email service, you can configure it on your iPhone and mobile phone too. You can get voicemail services which can be accessed from anywhere. Comcast is one of the secure and efficient email service providers yet, users experience some problem with it. This could be with you too.

One of those common problems with Comcast email is “Comcast Xfinity Outgoing Email” error. This problem usually occurs only when you make some changes to Comcast email configuration or some changes in the password or settings. Whenever you get this error, simply check your Comcast settings and if possible, reconfigure it once again.


Use these settings for configuring your Comcast email
• Incoming Mail Server Name -
• Incoming Mail Server Port Number
 Recommended - 993 with SSL ON
 Only if Needed - 143 with SSL ON
• Outgoing Mail Server Name -
• Outgoing Mail Server Port Number
 Recommended - 587 (SMTP)
 Only if Needed - 465 (SMTPS)
• SSL Encryption - checked
• Authentication - XFINITY username and password required
You should avoid using POP settings; in fact always prefer IMAP over POP. But in case, you need to use it then use following settings.
• Incoming Mail Server Name -
• Incoming Mail Server Port Number - 995 (POP3 With SSL) or 110 (POP3 Without SSL)

This works in most of the cases. You can easily configure or reset your Comcast with these settings. Once you are done, you should check for any error in your Comcast email. You can also connect Comcast email 24/7 customer support teamconnect Comcast email 24/7 customer support team and get instant solution. Comcast email support team will guide you the best.or connect also with Comcast support live chat .

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